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  • Earth-moving hydraulic compactor Yantai factory


    Earth-moving hydraulic compactor Yantai factory

    The innovative design of the hydraulic vibratory tamper effectively compacts different types of soil and surfaces, ensuring a solid and stable foundation for a wide range of structures.The hydraulic motor reduces voids and provides even compaction in any operating environment.And the hydraulic vibration tamper also has the characteristics of durable heart and low cost, and it is also easy to operate.

      Our company's hydraulic shock tamper has unique advantages as follows:
      1. Strong tamping ability: hydraulic vibration tamper with a high frequency of 2200 times per minute impact to ensure durable tamping effect.Optional in the excavator, can efficiently and economically complete the tamping operation.

      2. Advanced design of high-quality products: reinforced steel structure and strong rubber, damping block so that the machine can play a large tamping force, without damaging itself due to recoil.

      3. High versatility: high versatility between hydraulic tamper and crushing hammer product lines.
      The connecting frame and hydraulic assembly can be changed with the crushing hammer
      Quick installation Wide range of uses: Hydraulic tamper installation is very fast.
      In some ditch operations, if the conditions can only work on one side, the hydraulic ram can also be installed perpendicular to the bucket rod to meet the needs

      4. Wire braided hydraulic tubing: standard equipped with assembly tubing, connected to the excavator crushing hammer pipe road can be used, large tonnage tamper with return tubing, can reduce the motor pressure, reduce the failure rate of the machine, increase the service life of the motor

      5.Shock absorber block: good shock absorber block can better reduce the damage caused by vibration to the machine, and then reduce the failure rate of the machine shock absorber block is vulnerable parts
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      Model Unit HZ04 HZ06 HZ08 HZ10
      Impulse Force ton 4 6.5 11 15
      Vibration Frequency rpm/min 2000 2000 2200 2200
      Oil Flow L/min 50-80 80-110 120-170 120-170
      Working Pressure Bar 90-130 100-150 150-200 150-200
      Bottom Measurement mm 900*550 1160*700 1350*900 1500*1000
      Weight kg 550-600 750-850 900-1100 1100-1300
      Carrier Weight ton 4-9 10-16 17-25 30-40

       Why choose us

      1. We have sufficient experience in the industry
      2. More than 18 years of industrial production experience
      3. Products have a good reputation among customers
      4. Our stainless steel equipments are from quality manufacturer
      5. Multilingual staff ensures that we can better serve overseas
      6. Choosing us is choosing protection


      Package Inner of package hydraulic breakers were packed in stretch film. Outside package with standardized export wooden case 
      Delivery : You can receive your cargoes about 3-7days (15sets) after receiving the payment. We can arrange hydraulic breaker shipment by ocean or air transportation according to your request from any port of China.

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