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  • construction machinery hydraulic shear high quality


    construction machinery hydraulic shear high quality

    Our hydraulic shears are designed to provide precision metal cutting and are engineered for efficiency, safety and durability. With powerful hydraulics, they can cut through tough metal materials with ease, making them ideal for metal fabrication, recycling and demolition applications. Our hydraulic shears come in a variety of sizes and configurations, providing the versatility to meet the specific needs of your industrial operation. Our hydraulic shears can definitely increase the productivity and accuracy of your metalworking processes, ensuring reliable performance and long-term value for your business.

      Our company's hydraulic shears are used for steel structure demolition, automobile dismantling, metal scrap shearing and construction work. Special steel molded in one piece, in addition to the excavator connecting frame without any superimposed welding parts, power components using the industry's high-end brands, the world's leading equipment of its kind. The following are the advantages of our products:

      1.Hydraulic double cylinders: enlarged hydraulic cylinders, strengthened jaw mouth closure, can cut hard steel.

      2.Wear-resistant blades: long service life, portable removal and replacement of the knife head to reduce downtime. Knife mouth design enhances the shearing capacity material, will not deflect, to achieve more powerful directional shear.

      3.Rotating system: 360 degree rotating system, can be multi-angle demolition and shear vehicle shell and frame structure.

      4.Reasonable design: double-cylinder hydraulic shear cage heavy-duty pivot design, powerful structure to make the service life lengthened. Enlarged and thickened double cylinder design, stable crushing strength.

      5.Thickened lower bracket: the lower bracket is made of special alloy steel, and the overall thickness is increased.

      6.High-strength steel plate: reinforced and thickened material, the use of high-strength steel plate, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, high efficiency. Simple operation.

      7.Reasonable structure: small size, light weight, low inertia, low noise, smooth movement, easy to operate, large shear section, scissors mouth adjustment and other advantages.
      687tlu8 ct


      Olecranon Scissors      
      Model Unit HZ-08 HZ-10
      Weight Kg 2086 3397
      Max.Opening mm 480 610
      End Sear Force T 1000 1630
      Middle Shear Force T 1780 2790
      Max.SHear Force T 4170 5965
      Blade Length mm 480/550 620/690
      Drive Oil Pressure Kg/c㎡ 320 380
      Carrier Weight T 20-28 30-42
      Hydraulic Shear     Scrap Steel Concrete
      Model Unit HZ-04 HZ-06 HZ-08 HZ-10 HZ-14 HZ-04 HZ-06 HZ-08 HZ-10 HZ-14
      Dead-Weight kg 620 1413 2200 2977 4052 620 1345 2164 3060 4052
      Max.Opening mm 335.5 540 500 660 801 540 650 950 1100 1200
      Height mm 1521 2050 2380 2600 2700 1419 1888 2374 2480 2700
      Width mm 864 1175 1370 1600 1700 884 1175 1360 1540 1700
      The Active Length of Blade mm 286 348 486 578 736          
      Rotation Mode   360°Ball Colliding Rotation 360° Hydraulic 360°Ball Colliding Rotation 360° Hydraulic
      Pressure bar 235 300 320 320 320 235 300 320 320 320
      Root Crushing Force ton 81*2 138*2 171*2 330*2 387*2 81*2 120*2 168*2 238*2 375*2
      Middle Crushing Force ton 50*2 80*2 102*2 189*2 218*2 44.5*2 66*2 78*2 125*2 174*2
      Fore-end Crushing Force ton 32*2 53*2 75*2 127*2 147*2 25*2 40*2 56*2 90*2 118*2
      Carrier Weight ton 5-8 15-18 20-25 28-35 38-50 5-8 15-18 20-25 28-35 38-50

       Why choose us

      1. We have sufficient experience in the industry
      2. More than 18 years of industrial production experience
      3. Products have a good reputation among customers
      4. Our stainless steel equipments are from quality manufacturer
      5. Multilingual staff ensures that we can better serve overseas
      6. Choosing us is choosing protection


      Package Inner of package hydraulic breakers were packed in stretch film. Outside package with standardized export wooden case 
      Delivery : You can receive your cargoes about 3-7days (15sets) after receiving the payment. We can arrange hydraulic breaker shipment by ocean or air transportation according to your request from any port of China.

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