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  • Industry equipment hydraulic ripper excavator attachment


    Industry equipment hydraulic ripper excavator attachment

    Our advanced hydraulic ripper are specifically designed to effectively break up compacted soil, improve aeration and promote healthy root growth. With its powerful hydraulic system, it delivers powerful performance while being easy to operate. This versatile tool is ideal for a variety of landscaping, agricultural, and construction applications. Whether you are preparing your soil for planting, maintaining your lawn or managing a construction site, our hydraulic ripper are the solution. Increase your productivity and achieve superior results with our reliable and durable hydraulic ripper.

      The Hydraulic ripper has the function of breaking, turning and loosening the excavator can be changed working device, also called bucket hook, eagle hook, there are single teeth and double teeth, generally used to excavate the rock with cracks, break the frozen soil hard soil, so as to facilitate the excavation and loading work with the bucket, can also dig asphalt pavement, slot construction and other construction work.

      Here are some advantages of hydraulic rippers:
      1. Advanced steel structure to ensure durability and long-term reliability, the use of manganese steel cast shell, cast in one piece, not easy to crack impact resistance to ensure to provide powerful and reliable tools to meet all your needs.

      2. The use of corrosion-resistant materials can extend the service life of our hydraulic rippers, the use of precision cast alloy steel bucket teeth, long life, durable, simple replacement makes them a wise investment for your landscaping, agriculture and construction projects.

      3. Lightweight and strong materials make our rippers easy to operate, reduce operator fatigue and improve the overall efficiency of the job.
      Alloy baffle is used to protect the main structure and improve the life of the whole machine.

      These materials have been carefully selected to have environmentally friendly properties, in line with our commitment to sustainable practices and responsible resource management.

      1.The use of special steel tooth tip wear resistance, corrosion resistance, simple replacement, long service life
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      Item Unit HZ-06 HZ-08 HZ-10 HZ-17 HZ-20
      A mm 1150 1200 1450 1550 1650
      B mm 270 400 420 450 580
      C mm 550 665 735 820 980
      D mm 390 510 600 650 760
      AND mm 265 335 420 470 580
      F mm 65 90 90 110 110
      Weight kg 300-400 550-650 600-700 700-850 800-1000
      Carrier Weight ton 12-15 20-25 25-30 30-45 45-90

       Why choose us

      1. We have sufficient experience in the industry
      2. More than 18 years of industrial production experience
      3. Products have a good reputation among customers
      4. Our stainless steel equipments are from quality manufacturer
      5. Multilingual staff ensures that we can better serve overseas
      6. Choosing us is choosing protection


      Package Inner of package hydraulic breakers were packed in stretch film. Outside package with standardized export wooden case 
      Delivery : You can receive your cargoes about 3-7days (15sets) after receiving the payment. We can arrange hydraulic breaker shipment by ocean or air transportation according to your request from any port of China.

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