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  • Construction equipment hydraulic quick coupler excavator quick hitch


    Construction equipment hydraulic quick coupler excavator quick hitch

    Hydraulic quick couplers products feature precision engineering and rugged construction to ensure leak-free operation and easy connections. User-friendly design streamlines workflow, saves valuable time and increases productivity. With a focus on quality and performance, our quick couplers are designed to exceed industry standards and provide cost-effective solutions for all hydraulic applications.

      Our company's quick couplers have technology advanced, easy installation, stable performance, the specific advantages are as follows:
      1.The hydraulic quick coupler uses a short shell design as a whole, and the overall shell is shorter and more refined than the same product in the market, avoiding the construction of the same time to bump equipment or work due to space limitations.

      2.Circlip design: lock the pin shaft to fix the pin shaft does not allow the pin to rotate at will.
      The spring cylinder is more durable, eliminates the trouble of gasket, simple operation, strong protection.

      3.Overall material: The use of high-quality manganese steel steel casting, compared to the market the same cast steel fast connection, excellent hardness.The hardness is stronger and more wear-resistant, and it is less likely to crack.

      4.Safety baffle design: Replacement of safety pin.Safety flaps are safer and faster to use.
      Adopt multi-process production, wear resistance.Selection of quality raw materials refining, high hardness, prevent breakage.Force entry on the product.Line stress thickening, long service life.


      Item Unit HZ02 HZ03 HZ04 HZ05 HZ06 HZ08 HZ09 HZ10
      Overall length mm 180-280 400-450 550-590 610-650 800-860 1000-1050 1080-1150 1150-1300
      Overall Height mm 190 270 310 322 426 500 540 540
      Overall Width mm 150-210 220-280 245-320 300-380 360-420 480-560 550-650 600-680
      Center Distance mm 85-180 170-245 245-300 290-360 350-420 400-510 500-600 580-650
      Arm Width mm 90-120 110-160 150-230 220-280 250-320 300-390 350-420 400-450
      Pin Diameter Phi 25-30 30-40 40-50 50-60 60-70 80-90 90-110 100-130
      mm 114 170 210 210 260 295 325 355
      Pressure Kgf/c㎡   40-380 40-380 40-380 40-380 40-380 40-380 40-380
      Oil Flow L/min   10-20 10-20 10-20 10-20 10-20 10-20 10-20
      Carrier Weight ton 1-3 2-6 6-8 8-15 15-18 18-25 25-36 36-45

       Why choose us

      1. We have sufficient experience in the industry
      2. More than 18 years of industrial production experience
      3. Products have a good reputation among customers
      4. Our stainless steel equipments are from quality manufacturer
      5. Multilingual staff ensures that we can better serve overseas
      6. Choosing us is choosing protection


      Package Inner of package hydraulic breakers were packed in stretch film. Outside package with standardized export wooden case 
      Delivery : You can receive your cargoes about 3-7days (15sets) after receiving the payment. We can arrange hydraulic breaker shipment by ocean or air transportation according to your request from any port of China.

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